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K'Lavon Chaisson Scouting Report

"Engaging, explosive edge guy with speed, leverage ability and a forever motor that also plays tight and lacks lower body strength"



Explosive off the snap with a first step and quick feet. Fast and can legitimately range all over the field. Gets A to B in a blink.

Competent in the open field and can man up with TEs, RBs and WRs. Plays with leverage, can rock blockers at the poa and walk them back.

Rarely skated back himself. Generally holds the edge. Forever motor. Strong character and locker room guy.

  • Chaisson flashes an overwhelming first step and closing speed. He's also got a killer crossover. Against Florida TE Pitts and Auburn RT Driscoll in this video he demonstrates both.

  • He's often the first into the backfield and then the first to reach a guy at the 2nd level.

  • In this video vs Miami he holds the edge vs the RT and makes the TFL on the RB.



Shows tightness and is tentative making hard cuts on his arc. Hands can stall and he's often stuck on blocks.

Lacks lower body strength and struggles to finish through contact. Often lounges instead of running through targets. Lacks experience and can make mental mistakes and false steps.

  • Chaisson's too often high and tight coming off the edge. It disrupts his balance and ability to finish. In this video he's pushed wide by the RB and then driven into the ground by the OT.



Chaisson's a high end work in progress guy that shows elite tools, physicality and hustle, but hasn't quite put it all together.

He's a one year starter that's tentative at times, takes some false steps, doesn't always use his hands and can struggle to disengage. He lacks great flexibility and lower body strength to regularly finish off the edge.

That said, he's a fast, good sized edge guy with natural leverage ability and a big time motor. I'm not sure he'll be able to solely live on the edge as a rusher in the pros but I think he ought to be a key disruptive type guy that can do a lot of things... like a Kyle Van Noy, Anthony Barr or a T.J. Watt.

NFL Comp. faster Kyle Van Noy


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