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Mekhi Becton Scouting Report

"A giant with mobility that likes to put in a little extra sauce at the end. But he's a risky project with inconsistency and just adequate feet for the position"



Colossus with nimble mobility and generally solid technique and balance. Solid base and footwork. Big time length with height and 35+ arms.

Easy mover to the 2nd level and can hit his targets. Solid motor and plays to the whistle.

Likes to put in a little extra sauce at the end and throw smaller guys down. Flashes a powerful punch. Experienced at LT and RT. Wealth of upside.


Light feet for his size and decent awareness show up in this video clip as he switches off and takes the outside rusher.



Carries bad weight and isn't a great athlete. Feet are just adequate. Lower body strength is just adequate. Weight could be an issue. Awkward ass chop blocker that ends up on the ground with no one around him.


Becton often struggles with speed and on occasion barely gets a hand on his guy.



  • The back to back plays above pretty much sum up Becton as a prospect. He's thoroughly beaten on the first play by day 3 prospect Anfernee Jennings, who times up the snap well. But on the very next play, Becton catches the edge rusher and plants him into the ground.


Becton has a bit of a jumbo OG body and might be more dominant playing inside. His feet and length are decent at OT but he's not a superior athlete.

He flashes some nastiness but isn't a bulldozer despite his big frame. His technique is impressive for his youth however and likely indicates a solid work ethic.

He's ominously reminiscent of Texas' Mike Williams. He's a giant man with eye popping physical upside but hasn't done enough at Louisville to feel real comfortable about his projection.

Another close comp....Miami's McKinnie was a similarly uber talented big man that looked like a natural. He had his moments as a pro but was generally underwhelming for his draft slot.

NFL Comp. fat Bryant McKinnie


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