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Netane Muti Scouting Report

"Squat chest thumper that likes to bury opponents but often crosses the line and isn't always as physically dominant as his highlights suggest"



Strong squatty base and anchor. Good linear mobility and gets to the second level with ease. Prototype aggression and seeks to bury and embarrass his opponents.

Decent hand fighter at the point and flashes a powerful punch. Big time motor and plays to the whistle. Re-anchors especially well vs a bull rush. Technically sound in pass pro and has played some LT.

  • At LG, #52, in this video vs Boise St and USC, Muti quickly gets out in space and takes out a defender at the 2nd level. On the next play he destroys likely future 1st round DT Jay Tufele on a pass rush with a shot gun like punch and it's literally man down.



Center sized with short arms. Lacks great initial and lateral quickness. On the ground a lot.

Bit of a chest thumper that plays reckless and takes cheap shots. Cross the line guy who regularly takes guys down or hits after the whistle.

Injury prone with Achilles and foot injuries and made it through just one full season out of 4 at Fresno.

  • Muti can struggle with quickness or power at the point. In 2017 vs Washington in this video, future pros Vita Vea, Greg Gaines and Jaylen Johnson each take him to task.

  • Here in this clip future 1st rounder Da'Ron Payne eats him up at the point and stuffs the run.

  • And also again here vs Vea, he's destroyed at the snap on this WR screen. In his defense, he's likely giving his guy some ground ..but still.

  • Muti plays with a mean edge that works great in highlight videos, but practically, it's straddling the line between hustle play and dirty play. Each one of the plays in the video above could be flagged for fouls, especially if a guy starts earning a rep for questionable behavior.



Muti's a better pass blocker than run blocker at this point despite the 44 bench reps and stout frame. He takes his guy out the club occasionally but also rarely pushes a pile.

Versus physical opponents Bama and Washington during his RS Soph season, he's not as dominating against guys his own size or bigger.

While coaches typically love a nasty demeanor offensive lineman that plays through the whistle, he may need to rein in some of that extra to avoid personal fouls in the future.

I'm not quite as high on him as others although there's plenty of upside there if he can shake the injury bug. He carries a ton of upside in the pivot if he learns to snap effectively.

He's potentially a less explosive Shaq Mason but he also reminds me a lot of Shawn Lauvao. Another squat power house with college LT experience that wasn't as impactful as many envisioned, but was still a 7 year starter.

NFL Comp. Shawn Lauvao


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