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Vita Vea 2018 Scouting Report

"Massive and athletic, when he wins leverage it's a massacre. But he's high at times and technique sloppy."



Massive and athletic. Quick off the snap and utilizes leverage and power. Eye popping range for a big guy. Changes direction well. Throws around guys with upper body power.

Battles the double and holds ground or resets. Rare NT that can finish and register sacks. Played effectively on the edge and inside.



Motor is just adequate. Wins with sheer power and athletic ability more than leverage and technique. Often plays to the competition. On the ground too often.



Vea is a freak athlete for a 6’4 340 pound guy. He consistently comes off the ball with power and quickness and strikes. When he also wins leverage it's a massacre.

He's high at times and technique sloppy but his physical gifts make up for it. He might not be a self starter and occasionally played down to the competition but the flashes of greatness are top of the draft worthy.

NFL Comp. faster Star Lotulelei


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