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Devin Singletary Scouting Report

"Phenomenal running talent that reminds you of LeSean McCoy but lacks even Shady's just adequate size and speed coming out of Pitt."



Elite lateral mover with great balance and vision. Efficient with quick feet. Patient and finds room in traffic. Big time open field runner that strings moves together. Adequate physicality and will drop his shoulder and keep his feet driving.



Not big and not strong. Goes down quickly if he's wrapped despite a great motor and drive. Just adequate burst and lacks home run speed. Tested exceptionally poorly.



Singletary's a phenomenal running talent that just lacks adequate size and speed. I ranked him #1 in this class for a time and he has that type of upside. His vision, quick feet, patience and aggressiveness are ideal but his physical limitations appear to put a cap on his pro upside.

At his best he reminds of Pitt's LeSean McCoy or Dion Lewis but he doesn't possess the leg strength or power of Shady and didn't test nearly as well as Lewis.

He's a 3rd down specialist and depth guy until he improves his play strength. If he gets stronger he has star talent.

NFL Comp: Dion Lewis


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