Josh Jacobs Scouting Report

"Lateral accelerator that's violent and elusive. Has an Emmit Smith-esque run style but he didn't get much work at Alabama and he needs to prove he can be that workhorse."


Explosive out of his cuts with good vision. Can accelerate while changing directions. Elite lateral agility. Difficult for a tackler to line up in space. Controlled aggressive runner, will drop hips, deliver blows and run over and through trash.

Drives feet and pushes piles. Solid blocker with awareness. Experienced receiver with soft hands. Upstanding character and an engaging guy on and off the field.


Contact balance isn't special. Show string tackles bring him down. Just adequate ball security. Breakaway speed isn't special.


Fairly small sample size but Jacobs looks like a complete franchise level RB. He's powerful, quick, elusive but still violent and shows up the passing game as a receiver and blocker. Squinting for weaknesses you could mention just average breakaway speed and just adequate ball security.

He projects as a powerful, elusive back that should carry a pro running game and has the intangibles to be a team captain. His running style is Emmit Smith-esque but he didn't get much work at Alabama and he needs to prove he can be that workhorse.

NFL Comp: shorter Joe Mixon


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