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Joe Jackson Scouting Report

"43 DE with a good motor, power at the point , closing quickness and some scheme versatility. His lack of fluidity and explosiveness cap his upside, however."



Fires off the snap with leverage and power. Good closing quickness and finishes when he gets an advantage. Flashes ability to shed quickly and dictate with his hands. Sudden mover that makes up distance in a blink if free. Generally stout and stacks vs the run. Strong motor.



Linear guy with limited lateral mobility. Tick slow changing direction. Stiff hipped, upright guy in space. Gets tied up on the block too long running the arc. Can get overwhelmed vs size at the point. Hustle speed guy more than real speed.



Jackson's a 43 DE with a good motor, power at the point and good closing quickness. He's a finisher who converts his get off to power and has the balance and strength to get home when he wins initially.

The catch is he's often late initially coming off the block. He's a plus run defender that plays stout at the point but doesn't always show great awareness of the ball.

NFL Comp: 6'5 Devin Taylor


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