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Clifton Duck Scouting Report

"Playmaking off ball corner that plays bigger than his size but lacks explosive mobility and will need to earn a spot on special teams to break in."



Pint size zone corner with great ball skills and extra aggressiveness. Anticipates and makes plays on the ball. Aggressive run supporter belying his size. Experienced returner with shiftiness and vision.



Lacks explosive mobility. Gives up quick separation and often slow to recover. Gives up a lot of size and length and gets bodied out of the ball. Can be run past. Better off ball guy than post up in man coverage. Motor ebbs and flows.



Duck's a productive off ball corner that plays bigger than his size. Unfortunately he moves like a bigger guy too and lacks top notch quickness and recovery speed.

His anticipation and aggressiveness to the ball are his calling card and he can finish the play when he gets there. He's built like a nickel corner but doesn't have the typical short area movement ability to thrive there.

He's got man experience and plays feisty but gives up a lot of size and athletic ability one on one. His punt return ability, sure hands and playmaking could earn him a special teams role as he gets stronger and tries to find a bigger role at CB or nickel safety.

NFL Comp: slower Buster Skrine


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