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Gardner Minshew Scouting Report

"The best in this class at going through multiple reads and can be a clutch playmaker but falls off his throws under interior pressure."



Accurate passer that anticipates. Progression reader that hangs in the pocket, looks off defenders and sees the field well. Solid footwork and mechanics. Quick release and can alter arm angles. Changes up velocity and can fit it into tight windows.

Quick feet and buys time in the pocket. Adept scrambler that teams have to account for. Flashes playmaking ability on the run. Clutch gene. Charismatic alpha that won't ever make it boring in the facility.



Sails throws off his back foot under pressure in the pocket. Inconsistent velocity and his deeper throws often fall short.



Minshew's the best QB in this class at going through multiple reads in the pocket. He regularly looks off defenders and shows anticipation into windows. He's a strong, quick QB in the pocket and can improvise his way out of danger and finish down the field.

He's inconsistent under pressure; at times anticipating and quickly beating the pressure, and other times clearly rattled and throwing up ducks off his back foot.

His arm is solid but he doesn't consistently get everything on his passes, throwing often from too wide a base or not following through.

Minshew has the physical and mental makeup to be a productive pro. He's an engaging leader on the field and an eccentric draw off of it. If he can improve his ability to stand in inside a crumbling pocket and deliver strikes, he'll be a steal.

NFL Comp: Ryan Fitzpatrick with a few more power cleans


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