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Benny Snell Scouting Report

"Violent, chippy workhorse with impressive lateral mobility. Absorbs a lot of punishment though, and can let his emotions take over."



Good lean, power and lateral mobility. Scrapes thru arm tackles, keeps driving and always falls forward. Good lateral quickness to compliment his physicality.

Great vision and consistently runs to daylight. Quick feet with a solid short area burst. Workhorse with a big motor. Solid ball security. Soft hands as a receiver.



Lacks speed at the 2nd level. Poor technique in pass pro. Can catch but lacks a good feel for the passing game. Violent runner and absorbs a ton of contact. Chippy and can let his emotions get the best of him.



Snell's a violent, chippy workhorse with good vision and lateral quickness. He's a sparkplug back that's built to be a feature runner. His ability in pass pro and catching out the backfield is hit or miss but he flashes good potential to eventually be an everydown guy.

He's been durable at Kentucky but with his angry running style there's reason to question his reliability longterm. A lightening rod guy, his passion can boil over and he's had on field incidents where he's lacked composure.

Snell craves the ball in critical situations and has the talent to take over games on the ground. He lacks a 2nd gear but has every other attribute of a franchise back.

NFL Comp: Jay Ajayi


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