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Justin Layne Scouting Report

"Lanky cover man with speed that's hard nosed despite a wispy frame. Technique is raw and he and shows some wasted movement but he's a work in progress with high upside."



Tall, lanky cover man with speed that likes to play physical despite his clear lack of sand. Tough to run past. Tracks the ball well and disrupts at the catch point.

Willing and aggressive tackler that will sacrifice his body. Former WR that played both sides for the Spartans last season.



High cut and often off balance. Needs to gather and isn't always an efficient mover. Gets his hands on early and draws Pi's. Doesn't have an effective jam yet. Not the greatest tackling technique despite good enthusiasm. Lacks power and bounces off guys.



Layne is a track fast cover man that plays with a good defensive mentality. Ideally he's a long press corner with good upside but he's a raw with his technique and grabs early and often. Despite his athleticism, he's high cut and his click/close and mirror ability can be inconsistent. He's inefficient and sometimes hesitant in his movements and regularly gives up separation inside.

That said, without wasted motion he's especially hard to beat, but it's hit or miss. Declaring as a junior suggests Layne's still a work in progress with the tools to be a solid pro eventually.

NFL Comp: smaller Sean Smith


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