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DeAndre Baker Scouting Report

"Sticky, long, corner with play making ball skills and a tendency to grab when he feels beat."



Long, good sized corner with solid speed and long arms. Likes to play sticky and bully receivers inside the route and disrupt timing.

Fast click and close guy facing the action and a big time playmaker with good ball skills. Good awareness and anticipation. Reliable tackler.



Stiff and choppy movement skills. Can loose at the top of the route. Decent not great speed. Consistently draws Pi's if he feels beat. Not especially interested in sticking his nose in on run support and a drag down tackler.



Baker's ideally a zone corner who's tough to beat facing the action. He's productive in press as well but he's a holder and will draw Pi's. Possesses great ball skills and anticipation on the ball in the air and is dangerous to throw at.

He's not an especially fluid guy and can get beat by explosiveness in man but he's a savvy, sticky cover guy that generally disrupts whoever he's lined up against. With his tendency to grab, however, he could have a rough initiation as he learns what he can and can't get away with.

Overall, he's a chippy, egotist playmaker that reminds me of Aqib Talib, and like Talib, he could draw his share of Pi's but ought to make it up in decisive big plays.

NFL Comp: shorter Aqib Talib


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