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Rodney Anderson Scouting Report

"Almost certainly be the #1 RB in this class if not for all his injuries."



Great feet, vision and burst. Runs with ideal body lean and keeps his feet moving generating power. Shows speed to turn to the corner and can outrun DBs. At 220+ can still get skinny through the hole. Shows lateral agility and great patience. Solid in pass pro. Soft hands and an experienced receiver.



Red flag injury prone after multiple injuries including a broken leg, blown knee and fractured vertebrae over 3 seasons.



Anderson would almost certainly be the #1 RB in this class were it not for his injury concerns. He possesses ideal burst, vision, toughness and receiving skills to be a 1st round talent. I think he's a Frank Gore caliber prospect if he can overcome the injury woes and return to form as a pro.

NFL Comp. Arian Foster


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