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Darnell Savage Scouting Report

"Twitchy, swift defensive back with great range and instincts but lacks strength and discipline"



Twitchy, sudden defensive back with great range and instincts. Cornerback fast and can be a blur from sideline to sideline and coming up on run support.

Good awareness in zone and closes space fast. Aggressive and angry coming downhill and a playmaker with solid ball skills. Baits QBs and finishes plays on the ball.



Built like a CB and plays like a CB. Takes questionable angles and false steps. Drag down tackler that lacks sand. Often doesn't break down in space and leaks tackles.

Bites up hard and lets guys get behind him. Much better facing than trailing. Elite athlete with speed but often lacks catch up speed when recovering.



Savage has top notch speed, fluidity and awareness and is athletic enough to make a switch to CB in a zone scheme if a team wants him there. The primary issue with him is he's mistake prone and not reliable. He gambles and is hit or miss on his reads.

He's an adequate tackler but needs much better discipline and strength; he too often he flies up and misses or just clips his target. Despite great range he struggles to recover from missteps in coverage. His range and anticipation when he's facing the action can be special, however. When he's on target he makes splash plays. If he learns to anticipate and improve his football IQ as a pro, he's got the athletic ability and play style to be a star.

NFL Comp: angry Damarious Randall


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