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Ryan Pulley Scouting Report

"Has the physical traits but lacks poise, sand and maturity."



Good sized corner with solid speed and the quickness to mirror. Fluid hips and quick feet. Changes direction well and has make up speed. Good ball skills and pulls in catchable balls.



Panics at the catch point in man too often. Not physical and occasionally losses at the snap. Gives up hidden yards vs the ball carrier because of a lack of effort.

Often a soft, uninterested tackler. Content to hang on his block and too often a liability vs the run. Suspended his final game for breaking team rules just before kickoff. Tested poorly at the combine and didn't resolve it at his pro day.



Pulley has NFL athleticism and size but lacks poise. He flashes the ability to cover at a high level but isn't consistent and makes critical mistakes.

He flashes the ability to be a solid drag down tackler but sits on blocks and refuses to finish plays. He's a project that needs refinement and maturity to be a reliable pro.

NFL Comp. Jamell Fleming


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