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Parris Campbell Scouting Report

"Electric with the ball and carries intriguing upside after having a, somewhat, limited role at OSU inside a talented WR core."



Electric threat with the ball in his hands. Has elite speed, good vision, physicality and elusiveness in the open field. Improved ball skills as a senior and came down with numerous clutch catches. Top notch returner who can handle situational carries out of the backfield. Vocal team leader.



More or less a gadget guy with a limited route tree and unreliable hands.



After looking like a situational guy for most of his career Campbell looked like a stud, legit WR prospect last season for OSU. His hands became reliable and he hauled in tough clutch catches all season.

He's run an especially limited route tree for the Buckeyes but appeared fairly polished running routes at the combine. His upside is intriguing in that, despite blazing speed, his role at OSU was as the underneath guy, inside of threatening over the top.

If his polished route running in shorts is any indication at all, Campbell could prove a better pro WR than college one. He's a significant upside guy who'll make an impact situationally from the jump and could become a lot more with coaching and pro preparation.

NFL Comp: taller Randall Cobb


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