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Jaylon Ferguson Scouting Report

"Ferguson's a monster college rusher that doesn't project well due to inconsistent leverage, clunky athleticism in space and slow hands."



Highly productive college edge rusher with burst and solid technique. Impressive closing quickness and finishes.

Good awareness and hustle around the los. Hustles and works into sacks. Generally plays with power at the point and can finish through contact. Flashes ability to shed quickly and has a variety of moves.



Inconsistent leverage and can get ragdolled at the point. Lacks open field speed and range. Really struggles to change direction and is clunky in space. Balance is problematic. Slow hands. Too often stalemated on contact. Motor shuts off on plays away.



Ferguson's a monster college rusher that doesn't project well into the NFL. While he's got burst and power, his balance, mobility and hand fighting are often dreadful. He gets shut down and abused too often by pedestrian college OTs.

Senior week practices confirmed his weaknesses and he basically struggled against everyone he faced. His college production isn't a complete deception; he has a decent combination of burst, power and awareness but it would be a misconception to expect anything near his lofty college numbers.

NFL Comp: William Gholston


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