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Josh Allen Scouting Report

"Long, athletic, versatile edge that can play back or rush. But while he's 6'5 262, he's a finesse guy that struggles converting speed to power."



Versatile, athletic, long linebacker that plays with savvy. Technically sound at the poa and hand fights until he's free. Quick jump cutter that can dip under and through. Good initial quickness and sets up OTs. Rangy with good closing speed.

Comfortable in coverage and can carry TEs and backs in the flat and seam. Great motor. Scoop and score athlete that's first to the loose ball. The best player on the field when he anticipates correctly.



Jack of all trades, master of none. Struggles to convert speed to power as a rusher. Willing and has shown improvement, but lacks power at the point. Finesse guy that likes to avoid and can struggle to get through the trash. Often overruns and doesn't break down in space. Losses track of the ball getting tied up in one one one battles.


At his best Allen's another Willie McGinest, but more often he's Jamie Collins.



Allen's a streaky defender that can look like the best player on the field one moment, then just a guy the next. He's always been a productive player for Kentucky, but he showed major improvement as a senior with more consistent play and increased strength.

That said, he still can be controlled for stretches, especially vs power. Two of the better offensive lines he faced last season, Florida and Georgia, checked him somewhat compared to his dominance vs others.

He's an impressive athlete for a DE but isn't great in space as an off ball LB. He can track and run but needs to anticipate correctly to tackle in the open field. Declining to do the short area agility/explosion drills at the combine and pro day more or less confirms some of the tightness he shows in space on film. Allen can make any play an off ball LB or edge DE can make but may not do it as often as the team drafting him high will like.

NFL Comp: better motor Jamie Collins


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