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Nick Bosa Scouting Report

"Bulked up edge outside linebacker with explosive power and good technique that needs to overcome the injury bug to maximize his career."



Bulked up edge OLB technician with vicious hands. Sheds in a flash and closes quickly on the ball. Refuses to stay blocked and embarrasses physically weak blockers. Good range when he's fresh. Solid motor. Strong repertoire of moves. Has the bloodlines going for him.



Not a twitchy athlete and just adequate get off. Occasionally lunges off the snap and loses balance. Needs to be technically sound or he gets rooted out. Injury history suggests it'll always be a concern.



Bosa isn't exactly a physical freak. He's a bulky undersized DE but he's dominant because he ragdolls everyone he lines up against and pursues the ball well. His quickness, change of direction and speed are decent but it's his hustle and technique that drive his production.

Shutting his junior year down after a core injury to get a jump start on the draft may not sit well with every GM but it was the right move for Bosa heading into the pros. The injury concern it raises may be the more telling aspect.

NFL Comp: Justin Houston


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