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Elijah Holyfield Scouting Report

"Angry runner that uses ideal body lean to generate power ...but despite the guns, is small framed and lacks explosiveness"



Quick jump cutter with good vision that runs angry and with ideal body lean. Quick footed and runs square with a generally strong body angle.

Sinks hips on contact and always keeps his feet moving. Pile pusher and falls forward despite smaller size. Decent vision. A technician in pass pro.



Small framed and lacks speed. Just adequate burst. Changes direction quickly at the los but lacks elusiveness in the open field. Bounces wide a lot.

Despite some pile pushing highlights, the first tackler routinely brings him down at the 2nd level. Little experience as a pass catcher and struggled in combine receiving drills.



Holyfield is something like a starter-pack franchise RB. He's a technician and has quickness, vision and toughness but he's small framed and lacks explosiveness.

If he grows as a pro and adds lower body strength, he could be a productive, average starter. As is, at best he's a functional change of pace and short yardage guy.

NFL Comp: Keon Lattimore


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