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Dwayne Haskins Scouting Report

"Record breaking, one year wonder with great arm strength, arm talent, and quick footwork that looks like the prototype and has a high ceiling but carries a lot of inexperience and a fairly low floor."



Strong armed passer with elite arm talent, pro footwork, quick feet and resolve. Drops back with depth and quickness. Goes through progressions and looks off defenders. Quick release.

Generates impressive ball velocity. Good pocket mobility and generally feels the rush. Can reset quickly on the run going left. Flashes decent scrambling ability. Productive linear runner with a burst. Good overall size and strength and shows necessary toughness. Has a clutch gene and is resilient.



One year wonder that lacks experience and often doesn't anticipate. Can hold the ball and is occasionally too easy to sack given his size and athleticism. Three quarters release and rarely changes his arm angle.

Lacks touch on screens and dump offs. A better runner than scrambler. An upright runner and takes punishment. Conservative decision making and occasionally doesn't see the entire field.

Intangibles and preparation appear to be in question and it's rumored he could take a draft fall because of it. Also opted not to attend the draft which some see as verification.


Haskins is considered something of an old school stationary QB with comps like Drew Bledsoe but I think his mobility is misleading. Early in the year he looked a little stuck in the mud, but imo, that's because he was slow on his processing; getting familiar with the speed of the game, not necessarily because he was lacking mobility.

Haskins carries a big arm but he can be reluctant to let it rip at times. There's obviously a give and take to that since at times you need a manager rather than a gunslinger but he can't miss opportunities like the one here to Campbell breaking free on the deep left.



Haskins has franchise traits to be sure. He's got a big arm and impressive arm talent. His ball placement, velocity and downfield touch are all there and he already has exceptional pro footwork. He's resilient and shows the ability to process quickly.

His poise under pressure gradually improved throughout his breakout year, before settling back a bit in the Bowl game vs Washington. Linked to that, he appeared more confident in his mobility as the season wore on as well.

Earlier in the year, it appeared like things were happening too fast for him and he hesitated in the pocket, took sacks, and was inaccurate under pressure. He progressed as the season wore on, and showed more comfort hanging in and throwing strikes under duress and buying time in the pocket.

That progression demonstrates how 14 starts is really too small a sample size to get a great read on a prospect. History shows the team handing in the card for him will be taking a leap of faith. Critical to Haskins' projection will be what teams make of his heart and preparation moving forward. Is he the kind of guy that's satisfied making it.... or is he the kind of guy that's just getting started?

NFL Comp: raw Matt Stafford


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