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Olive Sagapolu Scouting Report

"Possesses that revered Polynesian athleticism, but his weight, durability and especially his technique, will determine if he succeeds as a pro"



Big NT with good feet and mobility. Flashes a powerful punch. Capable of holding ground vs the double. Solid flexibility for a big man. Decent hand work and feet and can work free to pressure. Rock solid motor.



Inconsistent leverage and can get rooted out. Not a regular presence inside despite some physical gifts and his instincts aren't great. Carries long term weight concerns. Dislocated his shoulder requiring surgery as a senior and has missed all the pre draft events.


Weight, durability and technique will no doubt determine Sagapolu's viability as a pro because, physically, he's blessed with the dancing bear genes.



Sagapolu possesses that revered Polynesian freak size/speed athleticism and became viral famous with his beach backflip last year. He has quick, light feet and overall solid mobility for a 340 lb NT. He flashes the ability to penetrate and defend the run, but his leverage technique turns on and off and he's often late to diagnose. He's a solid project DT that could earn a key role if his technique is cleaned up.

NFL Comp: quicker Danny Shelton


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