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Ed Oliver Scouting Report

"Explosive fire hydrant with a forever motor and unique athleticism but he lacks finesse and basically tries to bully everyone he lines up against"



Explosive fire hydrant with a forever motor and a linebacker's athleticism. Violent punch off the snap. Disengages and tracks the ball. Changes direction and runs to the ball like an off ball LB. Can drop in space comfortably. Solid ball awareness and swats balls.



Short, small framed and short armed. Can get overwhelmed by size. On the ground more often than you'd like. Lacks great college production. Lacks finesse. Rumored to be a diva, highlighted by the coat incident with his HC.



Oliver's a powerful, high motor guy that jumps out on film for his unmatched mobility at DT. Clearly undersized, but he consistently gets a violent push inside and can hold his ground vs doubles.

Despite being the smaller guy, his go to is the bull rush. He lacks finesse and basically tries to bully everyone across from him, regardless of size. I think that lack of finesse leads to his poor overall production stats.

Athletically, as a prospect, he's Aaron Donald, but he doesn't have the same finesse and finish Donald had at Pitt. His size and hustle can get him off balance or high occasionally, and he's on the ground more than you'd like. Tends to also finish high which impedes his closing ability, especially through contact. That said, his motor and athleticism are absolutely unique and his potential to be a destructive inside presence is way up there.

NFL Comp: faster Grady Jarrett


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