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Clelin Ferrell Scouting Report

"Long armed, productive, strong side end with clunky athleticism that wins on hustle and technique."



Big, long armed, strong side end with solid linear speed. Impressive motor. Flashes strong hands with a good punch. Holds the poa. Flashes good power.

Good finisher with closing quickness. Experience dropping in space. Hall of fame character and a locker room presence that loves the game. Team captain.



Clunky athleticism. Linear athlete that struggles to break down and bend. Balance often an issue and on the ground a lot. Inconsistent leverage.



Ferrell's a hard-working rangy edge guy with solid A to B speed and good strength that's been consistently productive for Clemson.

His limitations are flexibility and balance. He's not a fluid guy and is generally winning on hustle and technique. He'll give everything he's got on the field and he'll be a role model in the locker room and community.

NFL Comp: Willie Young


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