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Greedy Williams Scouting Report

"Lengthy corner with prototype speed and quickness that plays under-powered and loose."



Long corner with prototype speed and fluidity. Mirrors WRs and shows good ball skills. Rarely takes false steps. Good anticipation ability. Flashes physicality and the ability to use his length through the route and the catch point. Good ball skills and aware in zone facing the action.



Slight frame and can get pushed around. Doesn't have a regularly effective punch. A little late with his ball awareness in trail. Soft tackler. Sits on blocks. More fast than quick type. Verbal warrior that may lack discipline on the field.



LSU lineage guy with the usual prototype length and athletic ability. Flashes strong man coverage ability. Challenges at the catch point with speed and shows good ball skills. The drawback is that the LSU corners are sometimes more rep than substance.

Williams absolutely looks the part and has produced. He's experienced in man and off and has certainly flashed his speed and ball skills. He's under-powered and doesn't crave contact but that's not a necessary trait of an elite CB. Possible concern might be his short area quickness. He's fluid and fast but his click & close isn't as elite.

NFL Comp: 6'2 Kevin Johnson


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