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Vosean Joseph Scouting Report

"Undersized and underpowered LB with CB speed and a strong motor that's a project and not likely ready to contribute a lot right away."



Undersized LB with CB speed and a strong motor. Can carry TEs, RBs and even some WRs in coverage. Plays with leverage. Aggressive and seeks contact. Works through trash and tracks the ball. First step quickness and change of direction.



Undersized and underpowered. On the ground a lot. Blows assignments. Aggressive hitter but lacks sand in his pants.



Joseph's an athletic project with a ton of upside. Arguably one of the quickest LB in this class but he's safety sized and not likely ready for a significant role for awhile. Possibly a big steal if he's disciplined and develops better size/strength.

NFL Comp: Zach Brown


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