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Jawaan Taylor Scouting Report

"Intimidating downhill mover with linear athleticism and length but subpar feet and likes to grab."



Sudden downhill mover off the snap who controls if he gets hands on. Able to hit moving targets in the open field with ease and goes down the ladder for the next mark. Naturally strong and anchors. Technically sound pass protector with vice hands. Finisher with an ideal OL demeanor.



Pedestrian lateral mobility and feet. Struggles to recover if beat initially. Catches blockers in his chest too often. Hit & miss winning leverage on contact but his strength usually compensates at the college level. Doesn't sustain often unless he grabs. Whole bunch of false starts weren't called on him.



Taylor is a mobile big man running downhill and fires out impressively. He's a people mover and can crush open holes on the move. He's got especially strong hands and locks up guys when he gets a hold of them...though he may see more holding calls as a pro.

While his linear movement is good, his feet and laterally mobility look like they could be liabilities at OT. He's generally winning on the outside with length, not his feet. I think he's a guy that'll need to become an absolute technician and win with that length and power to hang in as a starting OT.

I think he's better suited to play inside. But while he's strong enough to move inside, he's got a habit of catching OL and getting stalemated on contact vs power.

NFL Comp: slimmer Brandon Brooks


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