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Rashan Gary Scouting Report

"Verified freak athlete that flashes the ability to routinely disrupt. ..the questions revolve around his unrefined technique, just adequate motor and limited career production."



Power end with suddenness and flexibility. Flies off the ball. Solid range and overall speed. Flashes power in his hands and has long arms to dictate at the point of attack.

Destroys lineman when he gets leverage. Shows good core strength at the point. Tested like a freak athlete at the combine. Mature and professional character guy that's already created his own sports agency.



Doesn't effectively use his hands and long arms. Offensive lineman regularly get into his chest. Stands up when contacted. Motor is average.

Poor tackler that doesn't generally break down in space and let's guys out. Shoulder AC injury caused him to miss several games this past year. Limited career production.



Gary is a freak size/speed athlete and he flashes it on the field. But he also let's blockers into his chest and stands up when contacted, losing leverage.

At his best he flashes power and suddenness but isn't consistent and doesn't really show a big time motor. He's versatile and has good size and power but I think ideally he's an edge guy that you want attacking every snap.

Gary plays a little like a bigger Brandon Graham but doesn't have the same motor. I think he shares a similar physical and mental makeup to former Florida star Kevin Carter.

Carter was an underachiever until his breakout as a senior which lead to a top ten selection in 95'. Gary never had the breakout year but matches up in most other aspects.

NFL Comp: raw Kevin Carter



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