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Christian Wilkins Scouting Report

"Squatty DE playing DT who's flexibility, closing quickness and motor get him free consistently. But he needs to play with flawless technique to avoid getting rooted out."



Squeezed down, stubby DE that wins inside with suddenness, flexibility and hustle. Uses initial punch, mobility and balance to work free.

A closer that finishes plays when the opportunity arises. Big time motor. Technically sound and can stack/shed. Can keep himself free and track the ball. Top shelf character guy and a team leader.



Undersized and small framed for a DT. Arm length isn't ideal. Occasionally rooted out and can struggle vs the double.



Wilkins is a squatty DE playing DT that's at his best on the move and winning with quickness. His flexibility, strength and technique allow him to consistently come free and find the ball carrier.

But what he gives you in quickness and mobility inside, he gives up sheer size and power. He's often overpowered if not playing with ideal technique. Struggles to anchor if he doesn't win with initial quickness.

That said, Wilkins leaves everything on the field and has a forever motor. He generally plays with sound technique that compensates for his lack of size.

NFL Comp: Cullen Jenkins


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