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Drew Lock Scouting Report

"Elite arm strength and flashes undefendable accuracy but his off platform throws are hit and miss, he commits unforced errors and can play losing football for stretches"



Elite arm strength and monster production within the spread scheme. Generally good ball placement. Changes arm angles and can move in the pocket. Can regularly throw off balance or back foot dimes with his arm talent. Tough and is comfortable hanging in the pocket and waiting till the last second.

Flashes undefendable accuracy and touch to all levels. Decent linear runner out of the pocket that put up a 4.7 at the combine. Confident, laid back personality and equipped to be the face of a franchise.



Requires plenty of space and a clean pocket. Often relies entirely on his arm and has lazy footwork. Three quarters delivery can get increasingly more awkward the shorter the pass.

Off platform accuracy is hit and miss. Can commit some awful unforced errors. Streaky and can play losing football. Far from a statue but scrambling isn't a strong suit. Mechanical processing guy with his reads and progressions.



Lock's a guy that can throw you into, and out of, a game. He's a natural passer that can unfurl blistering or touch dimes, off balance anywhere on the field. But he's also prone to bad turnovers and pre determined mistakes. He's lazy with his footwork and too often bails off the back foot under pressure.

There's a lot of talent there to work with but also a lot to iron out and he may fall into that enigmatic category as a guy with every tool necessary but not enough consistency to keep his team in the win column.

NFL Comp: faster Derek Anderson


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