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Montez Sweat Scouting Report

"Long, lean edge with superior mobility and plays with much better leverage than you expect. However, he's not the consistent, first step quick pass rusher he tested like."



Long, power end with solid athletic ability and awareness. Great motor. Shock in his hands. Bench presses OTs with long arms and holds the edge. Plays with leverage.

Closes on the ball fast after disengaging. Can run well from a to b in the open field. Destroyed the combine showing off elite athleticism. Solid character guy and mature.



Plays high and lacks fluidity. Inefficient mover. Plays with leverage but is thin and lacks a lot bulk. Initial power but often gets tied up by technicians.

Can disappear for long stretches as a pass rusher. Stands up off the snap and has an inconsistent first step.



Sweat is a reliable edge guy that plays with solid power for his size and has superior mobility to track and chase. Lacks weight but uses leverage well, especially for his height, and holds the edge. One of the stars at senior week practices where he out leveraged guys into the ground on multiple reps.

He's mobile in the open field and can range everywhere to the ball. Potentially a big time clean up hitter who can finish vs a disrupted pocket.

Sweat's a lot like a bigger Manny Lawson or a stiffer Danielle Hunter. Like Lawson he's got an inconsistent first step, despite a great 10 split, clunky flexibility but plays with good strength and leverage at the poa. Hunter also had length and strength but was a little quicker and was more raw as a prospect.

NFL Comp: bigger Manny Lawson


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