Dexter Lawrence Scouting Report

"Fat man with closing quickness but his stamina, motor, and health often lacking."



Fat man with closing quickness and change of direction. Good mobility from a to b. Strong initial punch, especially when he's got leverage. Holds his ground vs the double when he's properly rooted. High character guy and a team leader.



Too often losses leverage battles and gets rooted out. Stamina, motor often lacking. Suffered toe injury that required surgery 17' and resulted in nerve ailment.



Lawrence has regressed a bit since his debut as a freshman, largely due to injury. When he's fresh and playing low, he's a force inside that collapses the pocket. He comes off blocks well and finds the ball.

When he's high or gassed he can be frustratingly ineffective and just a fat guy inside. Doesn't regularly command a double and often controlled by a single blocker.

I think Lawrence is nearly a classic, boom/bust prospect. At his best he's a Marcel Dareus. Teams need to figure to what extent his fitness or injury has affected his play the last couple seasons.

NFL Comp: Carl Davis