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David Montgomery Scouting Report

"Little beast mode" lacks explosiveness but is a reliable, complete back that could make you grab air inside an elevator.



Natural runner with quick feet, elite elusiveness and good receiving ability. Strings moves together and refuses to go down. Elite contact balance. Can make multiple defenders miss inside a short area and make something out of nothing. Pushes piles with non-stop feet and determination. Solid burst thru the hole. Experienced receiver and route runner. Solid in pass pro.



Lacks homerun speed and ideal burst. Can be hesitant and too patient at times. Comes off a heavy two season workload at Iowa St.


Series of clips here highlight Montgomery's complete game and elite contact balance but also, I think, his just adequate, explosiveness and speed.



Montgomery is like "little beast mode" with his refusal to go down, toughness and elusiveness. He's not especially explosive..his burst and speed is just adequate, but it's his vision, feet, and contact balance where he absolutely shines.

Not the biggest back either, but he can keep his feet moving, push a pile or fight for clutch yards regularly. He's solid in pass pro and has good experience catching out of the backfield and lined up wide. His lack of explosiveness caps his ceiling but he's a hard nosed, shifty back that could earn a critical role on a team like a Ahmad Bradshaw, Dave Meggett or Chris Carson.

NFL Comp: shorter, shifty Chris Carson


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