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Drue Tranquill Scouting Report

"Does everything well but doesn't regularly play as fast as he tested."



Converted safety that's adept in space and a decent tackler with necessary toughness. Instinctive and hard nosed. Solid coverage ability and can carry the TE down the seam and underneath. Strong hands and can stack and shed. Big motor.



Lacks ideal speed and quickness. Tested faster than he plays. Great motor but struggles to stay with explosiveness.


Tranquill shows instincts and power vs the run and competitiveness in pass defense but often was a step slow to the party. Quick trio of clips here might be labeled.. "almost."



Tranquill does everything well, he often just takes too long to do it. He tested like a great athlete at the combine which belies what you can see on film. He's a solid cover guy and shows some pop vs the run but doesn't redirect quickly and struggles to reach targets sideline to sideline.

That said, Tranquill strikes you as a guy that might be a more impactful pro than college player. If he finds the right opportunity and fit, I could see him earning a solid career.

NFL Comp: Gerald Hodges


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