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Devin Bush Scouting Report

"A little bulldog that's a basically a stocky DB playing LB. He's physical and strong enough to play inside but has the mobility and cover skills of a defensive back."



Stocky, fast, LB with coverage ability. Flashes power in his hands and delivers blows with a head of steam. Can cover like a safety and aware in man and zone. Mirrors in man coverage relatively well. Flashes great speed and change of direction. Reliable open field tackler. Passionate and plays with juice on the field.



Undersized and finds blockers. Can be blocked entirely out of the play. Hits trash flowing to the ball. Lacks ideal anticipation. Lack of length shows up in "almost plays". Suffers nagging injuries. Prone to some immaturity.



Bush is a little bulldog that can range sideline to sideline and cover like a DB. He's essentially a big safety that's strong enough stack and shed inside. He plays angry and generates collisions with his stocky frame and speed. He's adept at man coverage but his size can be a liability down the seam or in traffic.

I think Bush is the best LB in this class with his only drawback being less than ideal size and length.

NFL Comp: London Fletcher-esque


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