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Mack Wilson Scouting Report

"Essentially a big athletic safety playing ILB and carries good upside but needs to tighten up his game and play more under control"



Skill set of a big safety with the size of an ILB. Fast and fluid. Handles man coverage all over the field. Good ball skills. A striker when he lines you up. Smart, heady guy. Flashes power in his hands.



Overruns plays and a shoddy tackler in space. A hitter but lacks lower body power. Falls off tackles. Good not a great motor. Lacks instincts. Showed little improvement over his 17 starts. Petty and initiates immature confrontations.



Wilson is essentially a big safety playing MLB. He shines at flowing to the ball and has great range. He shows off DB ball skills and is a blur on the blitz.

He's a leaky tackler at the moment but that should improve to some degree. He lacks strength and isn't suited for banging inside yet, although he relishes the big hit. He's a highly athletic star type LB that needs more precision and strength to his game.

NFL Comp: Deone Bucannon


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