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Devin White Scouting Report

"He's an unguided missile. He has things you can't teach but needs much better anticipation to come near realizing that HOF potential"



Sideline to sideline fast with a monster motor and passion. Gets great depth on his back pedal and covers a lot of ground. Aware and comfortable in man coverage.

Relentless blitzer that shoots out of a cannon into the backfield. Physical guy that looks to strip the ball. Tips balls with good ball awareness and quick hands.

Great production at LSU and is always around the ball. Engaging character, loves the game and likes to grind.



Read react guy that doesn't anticipate. Takes bad angles and false steps. Struggles to break down and seems to rarely get a clean textbook solo tackle.

Consistently overruns and can look bad in space vs an elusive runner. Doesn't see trash and hits all the blocks along the way, getting splattered often.


Quick series of clips here show a little of the lack of anticipation White demonstrates. He often just doesn't see what's coming quickly enough until it hits him or runs past him.

He struggles to rein in that athletic ability and can look like a chaotic mess. He compensates with extreme hustle and makes plays but he'll need to settle in as a pro.



White's an unguided missile on the field. He has gifts you just can't teach. His motor, passion and athletic ability at his size are special. But he'll need coaching and practice to help him anticipate and play under control.

Despite leading the Tigers in tackles he misses a ton of them. And he regularly runs into blocks all over the field.

It's a credit to his freak athletic ability and hustle that he makes as many plays as he does. He's clearly a superstar talent but if he doesn't learn to rein it in he'll be another Kwon Alexander.

NFL Comp: bigger Kwon Alexander


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