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Daniel Jones Scouting Report

"Looks the part and flashes a dynamic game, but he's got a back up arm, a slow delivery, and gets reckless with his running ability"



Smart, accurate, timing passer with stature, toughness and running ability. Well coached and can read defenses. Can throw guys open and has good touch. Stands in against the rush with poise and toughness. Surprisingly fast linear runner that can be a threat on the ground. 36 career starts.



Back up arm with a slow delivery. Gets his passes batted at the line. Floats longer throws. Locks on to receivers and leaves his guys out to dry. Inconsistent pocket presence. A better runner than scrambler. Never slides and is a good bet to break that clavicle again.


Quick cut up here shows Jones lackluster arm but intriguing running ability.



Jones looks the part, is tough as nails, and flashes a dynamic game but rarely dominated with his arm at Duke. His arm is pedestrian and he tends to lock into targets with a deliberate release. His strengths are that he's smart, well coached and is a formidable running threat.

He checks enough boxes for some teams to project him as a 1st rounder but imo he's more of a back up ceiling type that really ought to be a 2nd or 3rd day pick.

NFL Comp: weak armed Ryan Tannehill


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