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Kyler Murray Scouting Report

"Poised, 5'10 passer with accuracy and elite scrambling ability. Breakout star is a gunslinger that's spent his entire football career in an uptempo scheme."



Small, poised passer with a solid arm and great scrambling ability. Accurate and remarkably poised guy despite lack of experience and elite running ability. Will hang in the pocket and wait for the window. Can throw receivers open and anticipate.

Decent arm strength to all levels and a lightening quick release. Can change up his arm angles or speed up his delivery with ease. Uses mobility like an ace in his pocket. Progression reader who sees the field well.

Dangerous scrambler and runner out of the pocket with speed and elite elusiveness. Protects himself in the open field on runs and rarely takes punishing hits. Mature, business like approach and competitor.



Risk taker that will try for the tightest of windows. Streaky and can stack poor throws together. Rarely faced a consistent pass rush behind arguably the best OL in college last year. Smaller than ideal with his height and frame. Played his entire football career in an up tempo spread. Transferred from Texas A&M after clashing with coaches including cursing out his OC.



Murray's been a star since starting his true freshman year for Texas A&M but has had to bide his time after transferring away from dysfunction there. It's pretty much impossible not to see some Russell Wilson in Murray's breakout Heisman year.

His pocket presence was special for a guy with his athletic ability and inexperience. He picked his spots to scramble and run and threw with accuracy and touch. Statistically, he had a greater season than Baker Mayfield's final season. He was so productive that he stepped away from his guaranteed baseball contract and engaged with the NFL.

Murray needs to become a better game manager at the next level. He's a risk taker and will put the ball up for grabs, especially after scrambling around or under heavy pressure. And while he had the arm to get away with that in the big 12, testing the same kind of NFL windows will not be as forgiving.

His game reminds you of previous small stature, runner/passers like Tyrod Taylor, Seneca Wallace, Vick or Wilson. The three former didn't process things fast enough or consistently enough to be good starting pro QBs. Murray isn't quite at prospect Russell Wilson's level of mental processing or arm strength, but he appears further along with his ability to process then the other three.

NFL Comp: gun-slinging Tyrod Taylor


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