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Jeffrey Simmons Scouting Report

"Rare size, speed athlete that wins inside with natural gifts but will need a commitment to technique to really thrive."



Explosive linear speed for a DT. Rare strength, speed athlete. Can win in a flash upfront and crash the backfield. Stacks well when he leverages and will push the pile.

Good feet and will chase down the line. Productive and overwhelms guys inside. Gets his hands up with good timing and swats balls.



Stands up at the snap and gives up leverage. Freak athlete but not great laterally. Once he gets moving in one direction, struggles to redirect. Inconsistent technique leads to losses upfront he ought to win.

Pre draft ACL prompts a redshirt rookie year and will knock down his draft stock a round or two. Off field incident as an incoming freshman carries a toxic video that will also influence his stock to a degree.



That toxic video from 3 years ago in which he's physically assaulting a prone woman is an albatross that's never escaping Simmons. But he's been forthright and remorseful regarding it and hasn't had any other character incidents as of this writing.

Simmons is essentially an athletic DE that's big and strong enough to line up inside. He's a strong, quick, battler at the point with freakish closing speed if he gets a line to the ball.

His technique isn't a strong suit and he's winning primarily with natural gifts. Too often he gets tall at the point and loses ground and while he's got power, he's frequently soft at the point and loses some power battles.

He's a fast moving big man but his body control isn't as elite. He's a linear movement guy with so, so balance that looks clunky trying to redirect in space. Ideally he's a 3 technique but he could improve strength and technique to thrive at the 5 as well.

NFL Comp: bigger Adrian Clayborn


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