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Chase Winovich Scouting Report

"Dominant handwork, hustle and good athletic ability, he'll be a better pro than most expect...and possible the better pro off that line."



Relentless, physical attacker off the edge with speed. Sheds quickly and can ragdoll lineman with strong hands. Impressive closing speed with good change of direction.

An ideal motor. Chases plays 30yds down the field. Plays with technique vs the run and can hold the edge. Tested like a great athlete at the combine, surprising some. Team leader and identity changer that has forged himself into a great prospect.



Fast but his get off is just OK. Lacks experience in coverage.


Winovich regularly wins with his hands, can shed quickly and control the edge. He led the country in edge runstops as a senior.

Perhaps the single most impressive trait he shows on film is just his sheer hustle. The athleticism in this clip is good but it's the want to they really sticks out.



Winovich was one of college's best edge defenders as a senior. He's dominant with his hands and won't stay blocked for long. His speed and quickness are solid and flash on film. He wins with variety whether on the arc or inside off the snap.

Remarkable motor and makes hustle plays routine. He's physical and can rock blockers on contact at the poa. Led the country in edge run stops this past season. He's got little to no experience in coverage despite having the frame of an OLB but has the open field mobility to adjust.

I've been stubbornly high on Winovich for a while and think he's a 1st round talent. Hustle, technique and athletic ability with the chip to succeed are bankable traits. The hair clearly helps, but I do see another Clay Matthews, especially as a guy getting generally underrated.

NFL Comp: Clay Matthews


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