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Bryce Love Scouting Report

"Game breaking speed and vision and can take over games when healthy but too often plagued by nagging injuries."



Possesses game breaking speed and vision and can take over games when healthy. Shows patience and burst. Strings together moves in the open field.

Aware in pass pro and can be effective despite size. Combative and fights for yards despite his small frame. High character guy and teammate with a possible future in medicine.



Plagued by nagging injuries. Too patient at times and it veers into indecision. Can run high through the hole and negate any push. Not much production as a receiver.

Pound for pound tough but gives up a lot of size as a runner and blocker. Suffered an ACL injury in the season finale and will likely have to red shirt his rookie year.


This singular play more or less sums up Love's career to this point.



Love followed up Christian McCaffrey's record year with his own record breaker in 17'. But he crashed to Earth this past year in an underwhelming season that ended in injury.

At his best, Love's a game changing playmaker out of the backfield that uses vision and homerun speed to give you chunk plays. But he's injury prone. And his combination of indecisiveness and lack of power can lead to unproductive afternoons.

NFL Comp: faster Chris Thompson


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