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Andy Isabella Scouting Report

"Bow legged speedster with the frame and elusiveness of a scat back but gets a little pushed around and jumped over by size"



Tiny, bow legged speedster who amassed monster production at UMass. Good hands and rarely drops catchable passes. Burst and quick feet are difficult for defenders to hang with. Deceptively fast and changes direction in a flash.

Built like a scat back and runs to daylight in the open field. Good balance and run strength for his size. Should be a dangerous punt returner. A gym rat and grinder with a fierce fitness regime.



Small and plays short. Outmatched in traffic. Doesn't offer much as a blocker. Choppy run style, despite great speed and quick feet, and can telegraph where he's headed. Limited route tree.

Rough video here of a quick trio of plays that describe Isabella's game as essentially a scat back with the speed and hands to play WR.

He's a quick stop/starter in the open field but goes down quicker than you'd expect on contact. Out wide he can get behind a defense but isn't adept at winning balls in traffic.



Isabella has feasted against all types of competition primarily as an underneath threat. His quickness and balance are elite and he's got enough speed to threaten all levels.

He's a determined grinder that won't lack for effort and preparation. He appeared to be pressing at Senior Week practices trying to impress but his physical skill set stands out regardless.

The former RB has the frame and run strength of a scat back, but he can get pushed around in his route and jumped over in traffic. He's a similar talent to Randall Cobb or Cole Beasley and could produce similarly inside a talented offense.

NFL Comp: faster Cole Beasley


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