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Marquise "Hollywood" Brown Scouting Report

"Basically a less gangsta DeSean Jackson, Brown's a situational speed guy that can struggle with physical defenders"



Utilizes initial explosion and carries speed over the top. Can stop and start on a dime and shake free in short spaces. Solid hands catcher and can make difficult grabs.

Has the footwork and deceptiveness to become a good route runner. Future Hall of Fame cousin is famous for his off season work ethic and route running and has taken Marquise under his wing.



Always been a little guy and struggles with physical defenders. Weak at the catch point in traffic. Great quickness vs the press but held up considerably if contacted.

Can get pushed around on the boundaries. Struggled playing through a nagging injury during the season and suffered a lisfranc injury late during draft prep that required surgery.



Brown is essentially a less gangsta DeSean Jackson when 100% healthy. He's dangerous in space and quick enough to be elusive in a short area but not strong enough yet to consistently win on 50-50 balls or against physical coverage. He's a situational speed guy much than a full time starter.

His size and durability were already question marks well before his lisfranc injury in February. His long term durability is likely the sticking point his his draft projection.

NFL Comp: Jakeem Grant


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