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L.J. Humphrey Scouting Report

"Deceptively strong with length, quickness and big time ball skills...downside is that he's a high cut, narrow base, one year wonder"



Long, deceptively strong WR with big time ball skills. Terrific length. Makes acrobatic catches in traffic. Short strider with deceptive speed.

Quick feet and changes direction well. Wirey strong with good core strength. A threat after the catch that gets to top speed quickly. Shifts gears and catches defenders off guard. Good vision in open space and could be a dangerous returner.



Narrow hips and not polished in and out of breaks despite quick feet. Long speed is lacking. Limited route tree. Strong after the catch but doesn't always utilize that strength on his release at the los or as a blocker.

One year wonder cashing in on a breakout year in which he lead Texas in receptions. Ran a 4.75 at the combine. Rumored reports of character issues. First name is Lil' Jordan.



Humphrey is a quicker than fast easy strider that's stronger and more sudden than he looks with his lanky frame. He uses quick feet and his long frame to gain position and shows impressive ball skills to haul in the tough catch. He can extend high or dig out passes low.

He lacks fluidity and shows some stiffness in and out of routes that could make separation a struggle. Declaring after a breakout junior year he's an athletic project that physically dominated with his length, size and quickness, but needs a lot of work as a route runner.

Ultimately he may regularly struggle to separate with his high cut frame and end up a jump baller with length as a receiver, though he's also a dangerous returner and will exploit any open space given.

NFL Comp: Josh Cribbs with ball skills.


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