Orlando Brown Scouting Report

"Knows his limitations. Killed for a terrible combine but his tape suggests a long, powerful, smart blocker."


Big, long, smart wall off blocker. Prepares well and knows his limitations. Long arms and maintains leverage. Generates movement off the snap and keeps his feet moving.

Good linear mover and can consistently hit 2nd level targets. Sound technician. Enjoys intimidating and regularly gets in a free one after the whistle.


Struggles with speed and quickness and could be a liability against top tier rushers. Lower body strength doesn't match his upper body. Can get lazy with his hands. Uniquely awful combine testing brings up questions about his work ethic.


Brown was killed for a terrible combine but his tape suggests a long, powerful, smart blocker. He's a plodder but he's mobile enough to get into space and connect consistently. He's regularly throwing guys around when he gets his hands on them.

The flag is that equally smart and athletic pro rushers will take advantage of his weaknesses much more than college ends. If Brown doesn't continue to master his craft and put the effort in he could have some embarrassing moments as a pro.

NFL. Comp. Phil Loadholt


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