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Harrison Phillips Scouting Report

"A worker inside that plugs and finds the ball all day more frequently than it appears he should."



Former wrestling champ is quick and powerful off the snap and sheds quickly. Recognizes schemes and tracks down the ball. Shows some short area quickness.

Absorbs doubles with leverage and can work himself free to the ball. Finishes with solid closing speed and lateral mobility. Forever motor. Mature, carries himself like a professional and prepares well.



He's got some balance issues and offers little range. A bit of a tweener inside and built more like an offensive lineman than NT. Occasionally loses the leverage game and gets walked back. Injuries sidetracked him before his senior season.



Phillips was 2nd in TFL's for interior DL this season behind only future #1 overall pick Ed Oliver. And he led Stanford in total tackles as a senior. He's limited but he bulls and frees up inside. Besides the USC game early in the year, I see a guy that can get to the ball in both the run/pass game.

He's a worker inside that plugs and finds the ball more frequently than it appears he should. I think he's a safe as the come interior prospect that'll plug and push inside all day.

NFL Comp: Micheal Brockers

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