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Lamar Jackson Scouting Report

"Potential to be the best running pro QB since Michael Vick. As a passer, however, he's a project and lacks precision."



Electric runner in league with Michael Vick as a scrambler and runner. Wiry strong. Strong arm with an effortless release. Shows good touch. Quick, smooth footwork. Improved his poise as a passer from sophomore to junior seasons. Recognizes his limitations as a passer and makes good decisions. Good character guy and teammate who's personality reminds of me of Steve McNair.



Wildly inconsistent accuracy. Often mechanical as a passer and lacks precision. Aims throws and takes off velocity. Proven durable as a runner but takes a lot of punishment. Regularly drops his shoulder on tacklers instead of sliding. Plays at one speed, top speed, all the time with little nuance or gears.



Jackson has been the most productive and biggest playmaker at QB in college the past two seasons. He has the potential to be the best running pro QB since Michael Vick. As a passer he's a project and lacks precision.

I think the biggest issue with Jackson's passing ability is that he's yet to demonstrate the arm talent to win a clutch game predominately with his arm. And having not shown that in college, it's unlikely it'll manifest as a pro. I previously broke down some of Jackson's most used comparisons in a comp breakdown here.

NFL Comp. faster, less clutch 6’3 Vince Young


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