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Leighton Vander Ecsh Scouting Report

"He's got a 6’3 frame with suddenness and he steadily improved through his first season as a starter and had a dominant bowl game."



Good range and awareness. Big frame with length. Reads keys and comes downhill fast. Good motor. Takes good angles. Changes direction quickly and efficiently.

Finds a way to get the ball carrier down if he gets his hands on them. Attacks blocks with the proper shoulder and is disciplined. Technique sound. Crashes in and can create a jam.



Lacks take on strength. Physical blockers shut him down. Overruns plays and can whiff on lateral quickness. Gets fooled by misdirection. Rangy but not a speedster. One year wonder.



Vander Esch opted to declare after a breakout year as a first time starter. He's got a 6’3 long frame with suddenness. He plays technically sound, wraps up effectively as a tackler and diagnoses and fills fast.

He steadily improved through his first season starting and had a dominant bowl game. Overall he lacks strength and physicality but clearly has room to improve.

NFL Comp. bigger Kiko Alonso


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