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Hayden Hurst Scouting Report

"A playmaker with the ball in his hands and rarely drops passes but he's an older prospect that tried baseball first."



Sudden mover and has the speed to threaten the seam and outrun defenders after the catch. A yac threat in the open field with good change of direction and vision. Good balls skills, can catch in traffic and high point the ball. Rarely drops catchable passes. Clutch. Team captain. Just short of 6'5 and 250 and ran a 4.67 and respectable 7.19 3 cone at the combine.



Underpowered but gets after it as a blocker. Stalks targets in the open field and has some pop at the point but gets walked back by power. Older prospect after first trying his hand at baseball. Needs precision as a route runner.



Hurst is a playmaker with the ball in his hands. He's got some explosion to his game with good speed and quickness for the position. Shows impressive hands and rarely drops passes.

He's active and aggressive as a blocker although underpowered. Lights out move blocker but needs more consistent leverage in line. Route running isn't a strength but not a liability and with better nuance he could be strong there. Considerably older prospect who'll be a 25yr old rookie.

NFL Comp: Travis Kelce

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